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Hawaii Life

I have had a fantastic couple of weeks aboard the Norwegian Pride of America with the amazing ladies of Divas3! The Pride of America has been a blessing in so many ways. Besides providing me work doing what I love, it gave my family the opportunity to take a wonderful Hawaiian vacation this past year, and has given me personally the opportunity to explore and fall in love with this gorgeous state. I feel incredibly blessed every time I step foot on any of the Hawaiian Islands. They are truly breathtaking and the people here are some of the kindest in the entire United States. We rented a Jeep in Kauai which was super fun! I jumped into Ho'opi Falls and explored Hanalei Bay with the girls and our good friend and fellow guest entertainer Chris Burke. I walked a couple miles along the beach and swam in the ocean overlooked by the incredible mountains you see in Jurassic Park. During my free time I have been busy learning new material for a Johnny Cash Tribute show I am officially joining in September! Dates listed here. Looking forward to heading back to Vegas in a week to see Laz and Corbin. August is incredibly busy but I will at least be home a little more than this month, with another visit to these islands from Aug. 17th-24th! The rest of the month is filled with shows in New Jersey, showcase in Los Angeles, and some much needed family time in between gigs! If you are near Avanel Performing Arts Center, please come to our shows any day between Aug. 8th-Aug. 11th! Tickets can be purchased here!

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